Ex Battalion, normally shortened to Ex B, is a Filipino hip hop collective formed in Manila, Philippines.

The group is known for their hit singles, "No Games", that peaked at number 10 in the Billboard Philippine Top 20, and "Need You" that reached almost 20 million views on YouTube.

The collective was originally formed as a musical group by Bosx1ne and Flow-G. Later members include JRoa, internet personality Jon Guttierez, who used "King Badger" as his screen name, Emcee Rhenn, Brando, KentMNL, Bullet-D and Mckoy.

The collective gained prominence nationwide after releasing several hit songs. Nowadays, they are dubbed as the most successful hip-hop collective in the country in the mainstream with their music video hits counting to a hundred million on YouTube.

Hot Spot: Niel Murillo

Niel Murillo

First to be named member of BoybandPH. Fearless forecast: This face, body, dance and music team would dislodge the Hashtags from ABS-CBN's attention.

Arci Munoz

real name: Ramona Munoz

ex boyfriend: Badi Del Rosario, son of Jefri Bolkiah

James Teng

James Teng

When will we see more of this guy? Or has GMA forgotten him already?